Release Your App 5x Faster with a Team of Experts

Our team has been in tech for nearly a decade and we've seen tons of products get released into market.

Creating a great app means you need great "product sense". 

This sense comes from experience designing, building, and testing many apps. It's important to know what's working today and how to bring the best features to a mobile experience which helps users get the most value.

That's where we come in... We've compiled a strategic roadmap and framework to help your team plan, design, and execute on a high quality mobile app deployed across platforms.

We’ll work together through a strategic roadmap to release your MVP and achieve Product/Market Fit. We’ll take a data-driven approach to test your assumptions and use modern technologies to use your time wisely. We’ll bring together the best of our resources to properly work through your sprint cycles.

🔍 Gather Key Insights through Calculated Research 

  • Surveys
  • App Store Reviews
  • Customer Interviews

🗂 Prioritize Strategic Value for Users

  • Determine OKRs
  • Feature Evaluation and Prioritization
  • Product Roadmap
  • API Discovery

As someone who embraces innovation, I strive to produce technical products with superior quality. My experience across disciplines including web & interface design, software engineering, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship has allowed me to see the ins-and-outs of cutting-edge technology, innovative web applications, and large-scale marketing campaigns. With a strong skill set in product innovation, marketing, and competitive digital strategy, I help startups thrive in the digital ecosystem with creative growth strategies and tooling.

We'll help you set clear OKRs and stay laser focused on achieving your intended results.

📱 Design Delightful Mobile Experiences

We’ll work through a strategic UI/UX design process in accordance with your existing team to get the best possible results. We’ll set up a powerful framework to help you iterate through a cross-functional product lifecycle to integrate your design ideas into agile release sprints.

  • A dedicated designer and engineer
  • Modern UI/UX design
  • 1 version release with minor UX and bug fix updates
  • 2-4 full UX revisions

Great work rarely gets done alone. I’ll also leverage my extended team consisting of highly specialized designers and engineers. Through this exclusive team effort, you’ll have my full support on the execution as well as my team’s support. Your first point of contact will be myself, but if you choose to have direct contact to additional designers/engineers, we can review your specific request.




  • Understanding the requirements (End users + Business)
  • Creating user personas
  • Define use case


  • Analyse competitors
  • Research latest UX trends
  • Creating and Maintaining UX guidelines


  • Gather Ideas
  • Draw Sketches and Wireframing
  • Evaluate and re-draw and re-test

Webflow Design

  • Design assets and images
  • Create prototypes and UX flow
  • Implement functionality
  • Building Experience and features


  • Perform usability test
  • Create report
  • Identifying improvement

🖥 Deploy on Google's Scalable Infrastructure

Firebase is a scalable back-end infrastructure from Google which integrates with any front-end web application and includes a number of features in the SDK. It also allows for offline caching, storage, and analytics for all code usage.

  • Hosting
  • Storage
  • Authentication
  • Cloud Functions
  • Security


  • A robust product management framework with additional resources
  • A production web application hosted on Webflow
  • Integrated Firebase API
  • A Github repository of all app code
  • A Trello board with product management layout
  • Access to a shared Slack channel